Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hello, hello friends, I'm back! I've been back from Ghana for a couple of weeks now, but starting the last semester of college and a job search while attempting to transition back to New England winter ended up consuming my time. Worcester has been way too gray, slushy, and cold to make me feel like taking pictures and I have been hibernating in my warm apartment with a cozy sweatshirt frequently... However, I brought back a selection of beautiful Ghanaian fabric that should brighten any gray day!

A picture really doesn't do it justice, but isn't it just beautiful? All the patterns and colors and gold and details! I am so lucky that my mom is a great seamstress (somewhat secret talent) and will be able to help me turn the fabric into clothes for my family.

Here's what we wore on Friday, when it was probably the coldest day in all of January.

It's not too noticeable, but I got my hair cut on Friday. It had been almost a year since my last cut and I was really starting to notice a complete lack of shape and style in my hair. Fixed! Also, I bought a perfect pair of new skinny jeans for $20 yesterday!

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend and managed to stay warm. The worst of winter is now over! And with that, I can promise we will be blogging more:-)

haute couture

I'm not usually one to pay attention to fashion weeks and runway looks more than just acknowledging their existence, but the other day I got sucked into and couldn't leave! I was particularly transfixed but the couture shows in Paris, and this is what I loved:

Armani Privé



Elie Saab back to reality

Monday, January 18, 2010

spring semester is a false title, it's winter out there

I've been back at school since Wednesday (though classes don't start until tomorrow) and I'm back into my lazy ways. For instance, I just charged my camera battery yesterday. This was the only picture I managed of this outfit before the battery went into a coma, and I actually quite enjoy it. It was cold in Florida (what!?) and I had to finagle a warm outfit out of the few things I had. I fashioned the outfit around my new tweed shorts from the Gap that were on supersupersuper sale, and found my grandmother's old shawl, which is now my favorite scarf. Overall, I think it's very Dickensian and I quite enjoy it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, a few short days after resolving to blog more, my camera battery died. It was then that I realized my foolishness had struck again and I forgot to bring my battery charger home with me! Therefore, my other resolution is to be less forgetful. My life, and blog, will be better for it.

Since I don't want to be a total slacker (and because I might be the teensiest bit bored) I'm going to post some purdy pictures that have struck me lately, and inspired me fashion-wise or otherwise. I should give credit where credit is due, but I haven't the slightest where most of these are from anymore....there's that forgetfulness again...

OH YES! And how could I forget (oh wait, very easily) that today I ordered new glasses! I have a poor quality phone picture, because I couldn't see them on myself without my current glasses on, what a conundrum. Thank goodness for modern technology!

They will be mine in 2 weeks!

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years resolution

Happy New Year! This year, I have resolved to pay more attention to this blog and to what I am wearing. After the semester started in September I got so busy I rarely posted. Then the weather turned cold and all was lost. I don't know why this winter has been worse than my past three in Massachusetts, but I haven't been balancing style and warmth very well. Needless to say, I've been prioritizing warmth over style more often than not. But my goal for the remainder of this winter is to maintain warmth while feeling good about what I'm wearing. (It helps that I have a great new pair of boots, some new cozy and cute sweatshirts, and a huge wool cowl coming in the mail!)

So in the spirit of looking good in 2010, I wanted to start the year off right! Even though I spent the evening in at my friend's house, the two of us just drinking champagne and listening to music, we both decided to ring in the new year in style.

I changed my shoes after the first couple of shots, because my feet were too warm. (Ah the perks of having Floridian parents!)

I also managed to do my hair and makeup perfectly (for possibly the first time ever!) and had to document that too.

May 2010 bring style and happiness to everyone!