Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend wear

I find that I put so much thought and effort into what I wear to work that on the weekend I just wear the same few things over and over again. And I wear the same pieces all weekend. Lately, my weekend pieces have been this skirt and top, plus floral maxi skirt, nude tank, jeans and as-of-yet-unblogged stripey tank.

Although, I must say that the minute I stepped outside I thought, "It's too hot for this shirt." And then I thought, "Oh, well, I'm wearing it anyway."

And then I answered a text and it was caught on camera and my hair looked nice! And this is what I look like about 40%-50% of the time anyway. Always on my iPhone.

Here's some skirt detail. It's pretty! My mom brought this home for me from the Gap one day. I love getting unexpected gifts. And expected ones. And sales at the Gap.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

bits from last week (and the week before)

(from the Friday before last, doctor's appointment day which led to Starbucks and movie by myself afternoon, quite nice.)

(pink toenails!)

(only good picture I got of this outfit, darn rain)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

dull and sticky

Isn't the faded and fuzzy effect on my pictures cool? Yeah, it's because it's so humid out that my lens kept fogging up and I had to wipe it off between every picture. The jacket is necessary for my very air conditioned office, but after being outside in it for 10 minutes, the lining literally stuck to my skin. You guys, it's humid here. I do not like it.

But I DO like that I just got a new job! I've been hired as Public Affairs Associate by Planned Parenthood of South Florida! It's so very exciting. Not only do I get to leave my stinky current job that I hate, I get to go do something meaningful and important with a group of people I really like. It's kind of a win win win win situation. Full of win! See goofy jumping picture below for a graphical expression of my excitement.

(Oh, I also DO like this new jacket and shirt, both on sale, from H&M and Anthro respectively. A little congrats gift to myself, teehee!)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pretty girly

Anything in which I feel remotely like a ballerina, I like. This outfit is one of those things. Sometimes I get nervous that maybe if I dress too girly, people at work won't take me seriously. But I then remind myself that I don't care. And that I am good at my job so they will take me seriously because of that, right?