Friday, July 30, 2010

there are probably at least seventeen ways to wear a black v-neck

...this blue tulip skirt, not so versatile, but it has pockets! and I just so happen to have this necklace that matches this outfit o-so-well. Day 17:


Happy weekend everyone!

quinceanera plus 1

Day 16 outfit (chosen because I wanted a break from biking in skirts):

I'm moving this weekend, and I'm not sure if I'm prepared and ready or underestimating what moving everything I own involves. Might be easier if I only owned my 30 choices. Yay for parents & friends who are o-so-nice to help! (I am not getting rid of my dearly loved clothes)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

halfway and getting easier?

Day 15, the halfway point! Realistically, I am past this in outfits just not posts. I've also been attempting to wear outfits that are appropriate for biking to work at least sometimes, but on Sunday I move so I will be walking distance, which will give me a few more options. Conclusion: this is a halfway post but the challenge might get easier. 

I tried Zumba for the first time tonight - fabulous, fun, and very very sweaty. Laughed a myself a few times, of course, but really really liked it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My friend and I were discussing the other day how much we love neutrals and how they are so popular right now. It's such a nice way to be simple and chic without wearing black.

This picture from The Sartorialist pretty much embodies that. I want the female version of this outfit. Including the sunglasses, please.

You can see another great example of neutrals in Sasha's previous post!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fourteen is luckier than thirteen

Quick post tonight because I have fun things to do! Day 14:

twist in my hair again:-)

Yes, that is a baby rocking chair and yes, I sit in it. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

next month will be friday the thirteenth

(I learn so many random things trying to use numbers in my post titles).

Day thirteen:

yes, it is still warm and you might think I wouldn't need a scarf, but the AC at work is fixed and it's a tad chilly now...

It's possible I have a disorder called "touchy scarf" in, I cannot leave a scarf alone once I put it on and have to restyle it many times throughout the day.

I joined the Y recently have been loving it, really.
+great pilates class with funny teacher
+personal TV on fancy ellipticals and stairmasters
+personal trainer who showed me how to use the weight machines
+zumba! so excited to try it on Wednesday

Sunday, July 25, 2010

feeling crafty

I just found and My creative juices are flowing, I have some cheap gray t-shirts to cut up and I'm about to run to the 24-hour price chopper for a new pack of multi-color sharpies.

Some of my favorite DIY:
jewelry bust
pocket watch wall clock
spool hooks
tassel earrings
summer scarf

If my sudden DIY urge goes well, expect to see it on the blog. If not...expect to never hear about it again haha.

almost caught up! (day twelve)

This dress is one of the easiest things to wear, because it goes with so many of my accessories and I can create so many different looks. 

flower in my hair!

I just discovered that the side of my neighbor's garage is a perfect background:-)

Happy Sunday everyone! The local diners are great, the blueberries are plentiful, and friends are around.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

wishin' and dreamin'

Just stumbled across this beautiful purse from Anthropologie:

Of course, I'm not shopping currently and even on sale, that purse is $70 which is more than I would spend on something I don't really need...

ten fingers or eleven?

(title is a play on kendi's eleventh finger joke, which I found o-so-funny)

Day ten:

I like all of the parts of this outfit, but I'm not sure I will wear it again...

Day eleven:

I will definitely wear this outfit again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

beach bum

I'm the bum in this situation just so we're clear. Sasha is the non-bum is who doing AWESOME with Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge.

And the reason for being a bum (beyond my normal life) is that my dad went to a conference at a resort on Marco Island, and I got to tag along!

This was my general beach/pool uniform:

Marco Island is off the west coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, and despite people's fears, there was no oil whatsoever on the beach. However, there is a tropical depression coming through, which we were lucky enough to miss by driving home today.

Here's what I wore to dinner on our two tropical nights. Notice my fishtail braid, I thought it was appropriate for eating the fish my dad and co. caught on Wednesday morning. It was delicious!

And, yes it was really hot out, but I'm a girl who can't resist a cardigan. Plus, I had to cover up the wonky sun burn I got from trying to put sunscreen on my own back. Lesson learned.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

eight is early, nine is on time

(prepare yourselves, these silly titles are sure to keeping coming for the rest of 30 for 30)

Day 8:

Day 9:

(Notice our new pretty pink flowers?)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

six, seven times, makes me feel so fine

I googled "six, seven" because I could not think of a creative post title: Let's not discuss what I could have used my time for besides googling numbers...

this is my "ah, I don't know how to pose" post

picking my first cherry tomato of the season!

That's all, my roommate is making a delicious dinner and I'm hungry, off to eat!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

three, four, more

day 3: after work, meeting my sister for the evening

twist in my hair

day 4: another hot day, without AC in my car or at work (both fixed as of today!)

fabulous thrifted find

day 5: fun colors

one, two, skip to my lou

Here are my long-awaited (haha) first 2 outfits of the 30 for 30.

Basic Monday morning outfit:

close-up on the back:

This is my favorite dress for days that are too hot for clothing:

Happy Tuesday :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

30 for 30: my choices

3 dresses:
flowered shirt dress - random shop in Boston 4 years ago
gray-blue island dress - Caribbean vacation many years ago, originally mom's
blue dress - Old Navy

5 skirts:
Nantucket red skirt - new-found great shop on Nantucket (my exception to the no shopping rule)
blue tulip skirt - Urban Outfitters
green flowered skirt - Delia's
khaki skirt - Gap? or Banana Republic
basic black skirt - Banana Republic

9 shirts:
yellow tank - thirfted
black v-neck "fancy" tee - Target
white button up tank - shop behind a cafe in Anguilla
green button up sleeveless - mom's closet
blue button up sleeves - shop behind a cafe in Anguilla
white v-neck tee - Hanes
gray and white lacey striped tank - Target
turquoise button up - Banana Republic
gray and white v-neck "fancy" tee - Target

7 belts:
yellow scarf - Old Navy
black belt with jeweled buckle - gallery shop
braided belt - Talbot's?
blue tie belt - Old Navy (came with the dress above)
flowered belt - Old Navy? or Gap?
ivory belt - Gap (not pictured)
skinny brown belt - mom's closet (not pictured

3 shoes:
gray flats - Charlotte Russe
black flats - random store in NYC
flowered peep toes - thrifted

gray skinny jeans - Old Navy
favorite comfy jeans - thrifted
purple tank top - can't remember, for layering

Outfit pictures coming soon! (Since I took quite a few during the old computer-camera fight haha).