Friday, July 16, 2010

summer blues

Clearly, I am failing at this blog.

First of all, remember that job interview I dressed up for? Well, I didn't get that job, and that was a downer. So I was back to my striped dress and flip-flops uniform until the fateful day when I got a jury duty summons! I fussed over my outfits and considered how they would affect my jury selection, and then DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES. Because, as I said, I fail at this blog.

Except for one shining day when I got a new shirt at TJ Maxx and decided at the last minute to take a picture on my computer's webcam.

This denim skirt has been my favorite item lately. It's something I totally forgot about for a few years but rediscovered, and now we are best friends again. It goes so nicely with a tucked in tank top and a cardigan, perfect for transitioning from SUPER hot outside to FRIGID air conditioning inside. Oh, Florida.

Anyway, here's hoping I have more reason to look nice and less laziness so I will take pictures.

1 comment:

  1. you are not failing, and I love those pictures:-)