Friday, September 25, 2009

Bright Colors of Ghana

My lovely friend Kassie showed me this post which made me o so happy. I've spent the last few years interning and working on and off, as school allows, with a great little microlending organization WomensTrust. I went to Ghana a bit more than an year ago and loved it. Among other things, the clothing is amazing - beauitful fabrics sewn into gorgeous outfits. Inspired by the post, I look through my pictures from Ghana and found a few to share:

These women are carrying their children as is tradition in Ghana with a beautiful wrapped fabric. I particulary love the green and blue on the left.

There were quite a few twins in the village and they all wore matching outfits!

This is the program director and my wonderful host while I was in Ghana - she's modeling a brand new outfit.

And this little girl was by far one of my favorites and loved to dress up and be the center of attention.

Monday, September 21, 2009

life rolls on

Who knew that college could make people so busy? Oh wait, we did. But the blogging must go on! So, briefly, some recent outfits. Trying hard to re-wear old favorites in interesting ways, as shopping budgets are very small (read: non-existent) at the moment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fashion's night out

so I just tried to call my o-so-cool younger sister who is in her second week at NYU. she, of course, can't talk now because it's Fashion's Night Out and she's way too busy for her big sis. I, in a state of complete jealously and despise for my current location, had to do a blog post.

we don't have any new photos of us to post, again. blogging and school is tough! but I promise, we will get the hang of it and take pictures more often. for now, instead of new photos, I'm going to highlight one of my favorite blogs:
Madeline from Uber Chic for Cheap is great at finding steals on good clothes, often looking for something similar to a higher priced item. Here are some of my recent favorites.
This $346 Anthropologie outfit

for $92.74 with her alternatives

this $392.50 J.Crew outfit

for just under $100

I think I even like the alternative dress better in this case!

She also often posts great sale finds. I happen to have just purchased a $10 cardigan and $10 shoes from Delia's, to much delight!

My shoes are actually bronze, but this was the available picture.

Moral of the story: College students may be poor, but we can still be pretty:-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to school blues

As Sasha said, we have been extremely busy lately with the beginning of the school and having jobs and heading up student organizations and trying to also maintain some kind of social life at the same time. Suffice it to say, it's hectic. In fact, I got off of work at midnight and ran home to finish a couple of assignments for tomorrow. One is finished, and the other will have to wait, because this post has been in the making for about a week now.

Sadly, it's going to be a much shorter version of what I originally planned. I wanted to go on and one about how it's always been very important for me to choose my first day of school outfit, to set the tone for the year. And since this past week was my last first week of school ever, I was especially sure to make it something good.

So here are my outfits from the first and second days of my last year as a student. I hope they set the tone for great things to come in the future!

They are definitely setting the tone for lots of procrastination, for sure.

Monday, September 7, 2009

fashionable friends

we have been busy busy bees lately with the beginning of the school year - classes, club organizing (Anna is the editor-in-chief of Clark's life, culture, and style magazine and Sasha is a co-coordinator of a community service group and Clark's Amnesty International), and seeing all of our lovely friends who were not in Worcester for the summer. lots of our lovely friends are in the pictures:

the first days of school have been beautiful and sunny and I favorite cheap outfit - cut off thrift jeans, thrifted shirt and cheap Charlotte Russe necklace.

our friend Anna is one of the most well dressed people we know

another friend Anna (it's apparently a popular name at Clark) found this beautiful dress in her closet and wore it with a beautiful feather headband

this weekend we went to a delicious Italian restaurant in Boston to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday. Sasha is here with our lovely friend Pia

Anna, beautiful and cute as always

and a close up on the feather headband that the other Anna was wearing above

at Anna and her roomies housewarming

and, finally, our friend Julian who is not overly stylish but really wanted to be in the blog and wore a shirt with some sparkle in the design