Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1: my tights are purple

I liked this outfit and it was super simple to put together on Monday morning, but it didn't really photograph well...which is probably partly because I didn't get around to taking my photos until after working and I was skyping with my sister while taking my photos...

Really my tights are purple, like the purple text purple. 


EDIT: After reading Kendi's posts on sweater tights and layering, I'm going to be listing my layers for each outfit.
Black tank top - Old Navy?
Black sweater tights - Foot Traffic* (via a cute shop in Salem)
Purple tights - Gap
Black dress - Calvin Klein (via Macy's)
Scarf - street vendor in NY
*I don't normally link to things I'm wearing, but I'm pretty sure my tights are the Foot Traffic "Combed Cotton" tights. They're amazing, warm and comfy, and they make people think I'm cool for wearing skirts in winter. (I also have Hue sweater tights from Nordstrom Rack and sweater stirrups from Macy's. I'm a equal loving sweater tights kind of girl.)

Happy 30 for 30 if you're participating this round! (Happy reading everyone else.)

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  1. yay! hello fellow 30x30 remixer! happy day one :)