Saturday, February 12, 2011

eleven: here come the clouds

This is yesterday's outfit, when it was rainy and cloudy and gloomy. I quite liked it, actually. It's nice to stay in a be a lump on the couch when it's stormy outside. But I did have to make a quick run to the bank and the pharmacy (and Starbucks), and this is what I wore.

That's my bedroom window, if you were wondering. It's had some adventures, like when some young hooligans climbed through it and stole our TV (while I was in MA, thank god I wasn't there!) or when I forgot I have no screen and my kitty cat escaped into the world! She came back though.

It's sunny and CHILLY today. Like under 60 degrees chilly. That's cold for Florida, okay? I'm going to have to do some strategic layering of 30 for 30 items...


  1. I am so regretting that I didn't put any jean shorts in my 30. what was I thinking?

    (and by that I mean, you look great and thanks for keeping up the posting while I'm in parent-visiting-land for the weekend).

  2. Thanks darling, I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend!