Monday, February 14, 2011

weekend in review: 12 and 13 and a bonus

My parents visited this weekend and we did all kinds of lovely weekend things:

Saturday outfit for a relaxing breakfast at my apartment & ice skating. 
(No, my slippers are not part of my 30 for 30 picks, but they are so cozy).

black tank top - Old Navy
green turtleneck - Gap
jeans - Grane (via Macy's)
wool ski socks - Smart Wool probably

Saturday night we went out for a delicious Indian dinner with my roommate. 

Excited face on the left :-)
black tank top - Old Navy
black long sleeved tee - Gap
grey skirt - Gap
black sweater leggings - Macy's
scarf - League of NH Craftman's store
boots - Etienne Aiger (via Macy's)

Sunday lazy outfit for another relaxing breakfast, family skype with my sister, and more ice skating.
black tank top - Old Navy
grey long sleeved tee - Gap
scarf - street vendor in NYC
jeans - Grane (via Macy's)
wool socks - Smart Wool
clogs - Ariat (via Walking Company)

So...has anyone noticed that I'm always wearing a tank top (usually from Old Navy) and wool socks? They're my necessities of winter warmth. 

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