Sunday, February 13, 2011

10: your opinions please

I couldn't decide if I should wear the belt over the sweater or not for this outfit. I ended up not - what do you think? 

I was already feeling like this outfit wasn't too creative (I like it, but it's black and grey with accessories I love and have paired many times before) there's an interview with Lady Gaga on 60 Minutes which really makes this seem entirely boring haha. 

and my layers:
black leggings - unknown
belt- vintage shop in NYC
black skirt - Banana Republic
boots - Etienne Aiger (via Macy's)
black v-neck tee - Gap
sweater - H&M
black tank top - Old Navy


  1. I think I like the belt inside the sweater better, but honestly, both ways look good! And seriously, you hair is looking so great.

  2. tough call! i like the belt under and over the sweater. i guess you have two outfits now!