Tuesday, February 8, 2011

seven & eight: matching monday & tuesday!

The story of Anna and Sasha's apparent inability to count
Part 1: Anna's great idea
Anna realized that we both had grey skirts with black waistbands and grey shorts in our 30 for 30 picks and suggested "Matching Monday." It was meant to be.
Part 2: Sasha is forgetful
On Monday morning, I completely forgot, put on my black pants on went merrily about the day. There was "du-oh" moment in the evening, post blog photos and a grey skirt Tuesday. Yay for second chances?

So here is Anna's day 7 and Sasha's day 8, both styling our grey skirts:

If nothing else, it is obviously colder in MA than in FL. 

Look for Matching Monday again next week. I'll try to wake my brain up before I get dressed. 

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