Monday, December 28, 2009

catching up

A few more outfits from the end of the semester when life was so busy:

Pretty new handmade, headband:

My lovely mom aka Mrs.Claus supported Urban Outfitters this holiday season (thanks mommy!):

Silence & Noise Hi-Waisted Tulip SkirtDeena & Ozzy Abstract Eternity Scarf and Silence & Noise Fitted Military Dress

Dressed up and ready for the theatre in my new clothes:

A my beautiful sister:


Thursday, December 24, 2009

party time!

Merry Christmas Eve! (for those who celebrate and for those who don't celebrate but are hopefully enjoying a nice, relaxing evening with family and/or friends)

I just finished making Christmas cookies (Grandma's filled cookie recipe) with my mom and sister, while my dad cooks ducks for Christmas Eve dinner. Now I'm getting excited for New Year's Eve. I am very tempted to buy a new party dress for the occasion and have my eye on a few options. Forever 21 has some great options:

A couple more fun and pretty options from Macy's:

And two more from Charlotte Russe:

Pleated Lace Tube Dress and Floral Jacquard Dress

What are you wearing for New Year's Eve? Beyond my high school proms and graduation, I have never really been one to buy a dress for a specific occasion but I'm really in the mood for a fun party dress lately...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i wish i really knew how to use photoshop

Hello again, dear few people who are still reading our blog. It has been quite a while. Finals (and end of semester events and such) consumed our lives. But we are now done and officially second semester seniors in  college! We are home (Anna in warm weather, Sasha in colder weather), well slept and relaxed. Now for catching up on the blog - here's a couple of reasonably old pictures from a moment when I decided to play around with photoshop a bit.

In this photo, I'm wearing the replacement boots ( of my fake suede slouchy boots that were falling apart, to say the least. My mom had been telling me to throw them away for about a year but I loved them and could not find a decent priced replacement for some time.

Promise, more posts soon! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays:-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

vintage belts and boots of the past

Here's a few pictures of what I've been wearing lately:

I found the belt in a cute vintage shop in New York with my family. My mom found an equally great and totally different belt - we plan to trade when we visit so I'll post that eventually too.

This is blurred a bit to hide the odd backdrop of coats and pictures in my living room...

You can't tell too much in the picture, but those boots have seen much better days. The toes are no longer black because the suede rubbed off and there are rips and tears. Since the photo, they have been replace with a new, leather (more New England weather-proof) version!

and a little Monday morning present: I stumbled on Market Publique, a vintage auction site yesterday - no purchases yet, but lots of fun to browse.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I just stumbled across this beautiful blog and shop:

The shop is here and these are my favorites:

The blog is here

In other thoughts, I had a craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies this week that could only be satisfied by the best of the best Nestle Tollhouse recipe, made from scratch of course. We even made them "old fashioned style" because I don't own a mixer, hahaha. Here's a google images picture to tempt your taste buds a bit more:

three tips if you decide to make some of your own:
1. they really must be homemade from scratch and you cannot cut the butter. you can, however, you 1/2 wheat flour and it will not be the slightest bit noticeable (as my friends if you doubt me).
2. do not use salt, cookies are supposed to be sweet (and that's how my mommy does it).
3. the recipe calls for nuts, but that would be a chocolate nut cookie. I prefer classic chocolate chip.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i really do love new york

A few weeks ago, I went to New York City with my parents to visit my sister and some other family. My sister is pretty much my favorite person and NYC is obviously wonderful. Needless too say, it was fun and lots of pretty things were photographed.

Ready to go!

going out for a nice Italian dinner with family on Friday night (this was also for the black & white weardrobe contest)

My sister and my mom at a wonderful spice booth at a street fair. My sister's (left) hat and purse are great!

the spice and tea booth:

Daddy's new shoes!

Ready for dinner out Saturday night with a new vintage belt:

Finally, Insomnia cookies at 1am, what could be better after a day in the city?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall transition

Many apologies for the lack of posting lately. School obviously comes before blogging and senior year is busy, busy, busy. I have also been digging my cold weather clothes out of storage and trying to remember how to look cute and be warm!
First: sweater dress, scarf and boots (it was a typical New England weather changing day when I wore this, so I had a cardigan to wear too)

Going to visit a friend for part of fall break!

the lining of these booties is purple:-)

new jeans that I found on sale and fit surprisingly well

That's all; there is lots to be done from research to event planning to rehearsal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sweater vests and skirts

I posted once before about Uber Chic for Cheap before - Madeline just a posted my "reader request" with some much less expensive options of a few items from Banana Republic. It's great, you should all check it out! I particularly like:
(from Forever 21) I have been coveting long sweater vests with big buttons. This is not quite a vest but I really like the color options.
(from NETILZ on Etsy) This is just really pretty.
(from Arden B) I need some more interesting professional skirts for work, that help me look a little older as I look young-ish for my age. I'm learning just how hard it is to wear fun styles and look old...

I was in New York visiting my sister and family this weekend so an outfit post will be coming soon:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i miss this

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when it was gorgeous and sunny and WARM. Now it is cold and rainy and it snowed yesterday. These pictures are in remembrance.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I like to dress up for work

I really do enjoy any excuse to dress up. Work (in the Clark admissions office) is the current excuse. Here's a few of my outfits lately.

This is one of my favorite little dresses and I've been experimenting with the many ways to wear it as summer turns to fall.

In complete honesty, the two pictures above are from the morning after I wore that outfit because I forgot to take pictures and really liked it.
Below is a new shirt found on sale at Target (yes, I'm cheap) with new black tights my mom bought me. New tights are just so wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed! Keeping up with blogging during school is just one of the many changes of senior year.

PS - My darling sister Nadia just sent my some Bell X1 and I am loving their music.

orange and blue and go dolphins!

Anna is from Florida and in consequently a Gators fan. She also has a wonderful mom who was disappointed to hear that she did not have Rosh Hashanah or Gator watching plans and offered to help her organize a football watching party. 
Sasha doesn't really care the slightest bit about football, but she loves any reason to celebrate and get dressed up and have fun with friends. 
Result: an orange and blue themed gator watching party.
blue moon with oranges in blue cups
cheese-its, carrots with hummus, blue corn chips and guacamole
lots of good friends!
orange and blue outfits
a decent TV

here's how it turned out:

lots and lots of fun!