Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I like to dress up for work

I really do enjoy any excuse to dress up. Work (in the Clark admissions office) is the current excuse. Here's a few of my outfits lately.

This is one of my favorite little dresses and I've been experimenting with the many ways to wear it as summer turns to fall.

In complete honesty, the two pictures above are from the morning after I wore that outfit because I forgot to take pictures and really liked it.
Below is a new shirt found on sale at Target (yes, I'm cheap) with new black tights my mom bought me. New tights are just so wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed! Keeping up with blogging during school is just one of the many changes of senior year.

PS - My darling sister Nadia just sent my some Bell X1 and I am loving their music.

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  1. ah I love that you love Bell X1...I am seeing the m tomorrow!