Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first fall rainy day outfit

It was rainy and cold last week (who could remember after the sweltering sunny and 90 degree days we've been experiencing?). Here's what I wore to be cute, professional and protected from the wet sky on my walk to work:

Coming soon: new gray pants and skirt thanks to Gap Friends & Family. Apparently the new theme is gray bottoms. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's sunny again, and sunny day 30 came with kitten!

come be in the picture Chester!

I am extra excited to make up for Chester's lack of excitement.

I'm done! Officially, totally, all outfits worn & pictures posted! I liked the challenge, partly simply because it really encouraged me to keep up with blogging,which I like doing. I plan to post more "deep" challenge thoughts (don't hold me to it), but, um, I don't feel like it right now.

And now, back to the rest of my wardrobe!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back when it was sunny on day 29

The weather predicted four days of rain this week and so far we're 3 for 3. On the bright side, I broke out some favorite fall clothes. 

These pictures are back from day 29 of 30 for 30:


Hope it's not so dreary where ever you lovely readers are!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

quick take a photo! (day 28)

The day I wore this outfit, I went straight to the gym for Zumba after work and had not had a chance to take my photo yet...so I jumped in the shower at home after Zumba, got dressed again and took these photos super fast before my friends arrived for dinner. I might be insane (they say). 

Friday, August 20, 2010

back to day 27

I have my camera back and can finally post the last 4 outfits of my 30 for 30:

Happy weekend everyone!

Monday, August 16, 2010

thoughts on size

I got this skirt at Forever 21 the other day, because I needed a new skirt (my favorite one of all time is on it's death bed, I'm trying not to mourn too much). I didn't realize at first, while I was shopping, that I was in fact in the "Faith 21" department, which is Forever 21's plus size line. I kind of knew something was up when it looked like most of the stuff there would fit me/was kinda too big for me.

I don't consider myself to be a "plus size" girl, though I guess Forever 21 does. I am and always have been on the L/XL side of the size scale, and my weight fluctuates (when I feel like going to the gym and when I don't). I have always struggled to find pants that fit me well, because my body type isn't the norm (aka, I have no butt or waist) but I feel like that would be a problem regardless of my size. What I'm trying to say is that I've never really had to shop at specialty plus size stores. Most of my favorite items are from Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Target.

HOWEVER, there are some stores that I really can't shop at, as a "full figured" person. Forever 21 has some great flowy tops and elastic waisted skirts that I've been able to get away with, but anything fitted or zippered is out of the question. But I guess that's changed now, with the creation of Faith 21. I'm kind of excited about it, because I really like me some cheap and trendy clothes. But on the other hand, I hate that they have to design a whole different line for "plus size" girls. I want the stuff that's all over the store, not the specially-made-to-flatter-a-fat-person looks from Faith 21. And I hate that the line is separated into a special section in the store, because, as much as I shouldn't be, I'm embarrassed to be one of two people in that section who can't shop in the "normal" part of the store.

I guess my point is that I really appreciate Forever 21's effort to accommodate more customers, but I wish they could just produce all their clothes in bigger sizes. I hate that I have to go off to a segregated part of the store and pick from a smaller selection just because I don't fit into the constraints of what Forever 21 thinks is a normal size. I consider myself to be pretty normal, and it's tough on my (already struggling) self-esteem to be sectioned off and labeled as "plus size." It's only a plus size because they say so, and they really don't have to.

Despite all this, I'll probably continue to shop Faith 21. Because, unlike most other trendy stores, they're at least making cute clothes in my size, no matter the label they put on it.

and now, we wait.

I have 4 more thirty for thirty outfits to post before I can officially say I'm done, but I left my camera at my friends' house. Tragic timing, I must say. 

To hold you over while you excitedly await my last 4 photos, we can talk about the pants I'm going to wear this fall. (and winter, but I'm not thinking about that cold dreariness yet). Pants and I don't really get along in summer. I wear them on occasion, feel constricted and return to my favorite dresses and skirts. Then the nights start to get cool in August, so pants and I begin to make up. 

I walk to work and I know I will need to warm dress pants for those days when two pairs of tights are still thin and cold. Given that dry cleaning is environmentally bad, financially bad, and time management bad, I'm looking for a few options that are washable. Faithful old stores, Gap & Banana Republic have some great options: 



What do you all think? Dress pants seem so boring on their own, but we all know the power of accessories.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

faces for 26

this is my "yay! last week of 30 for 30 and I have plenty of outfits" face

"hmmm I'm not sure I should have work the purple tank top" face

"o, I'll just try to do something cute and silly and it will all be fine" face

Headed home for the weekend for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's fair, which is high in running for my favorite part of summer, and to see my lovely family and one of my dear friends:-)

25 feels so close

I really liked this outfit:

I think I am going to wear that skirt tomorrow for....drum roll...day 30!

(Posting so often, I think I am running out of things to say...)


About a year ago, I was starting my last year of college, and I wore the beginning-of-fall-in-New-England version of this outfit (as seen in Sasha's retrospective of the past year). I had actually forgotten about the outfit, and when I saw the picture again I wanted to re-create it, summer in Florida style! Lighter-weight shirt and gladiators, no tights or scarf, and it's perfect for the heat.

I don't really have much purpose for this bag at the moment, it's so huge and I used it for supplies for my art classes last year. I want to use it a lot, but I generally feel silly carrying a really large bag with just my wallet and cellphone in it. But it'll be used (worry not, Mom).

Speaking of mom (hi!) she helped my dye my hair again the other day, and I used a slightly different shade than usual, but I like it even more. Yay!

nothing to say about 24

Nothing to say about the number that is. I loved this outfit and felt very "adult" in it. 

Six more days of posts, only 2 more days of outfits to wear! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

23 in the courtyard

I love a good deal. And I don't mean I love cheap things. I love a good deal - a good price on something with some value. This dress (that appears to be a shirt) - first my mom's, then my dress, temporarily my shirt. It's probably 10 years old. That's a good deal. 

The fabulous courtyard that comes with my apartment and happens to function as my new outdoor blog photo location. Good deal. 

The microwave/convection oven I just ordered after significant research and discussion with mom and dad (thanks). Much much less than I was intending to spend on a similar product. Mmmm, good deal. 

Might be time to remind you of one of my favorite blogs: Uber Chic for Cheap.

22 so blue (in a bright and flowery way!)

Quick post and just one pictures - 22 was a busy day!

This basic blue dress and the flowered belt are most definitely two of my favorite "easy" clothing items. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

baltic and arctic

A quick inspiration post from the wonderful Yvan the Face Hunter.

I love that these women, who live in some of the northernmost, probably coldest places in the world, are wearing bright, springy, pastel colors. I want to wear pastels all fall and winter.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

walls to love and day 21

I think the walls are my favorite part of my new apartment...they're this calming yellow color with beautiful white molding details. I hope you all like them since you'll be seeing them in my photos a lot this winter...

And here's my outfit for day 21: 

I already wore outfits 22-25, so this is my last week of 30 for 30. A week ago, I was starting to get bored, and I'm still excited to wear my full wardrobe again, but I have more than 5 outfits in mind and am not feeling quite so "stifled" by my 30 items. starting to get creative?

Sweet dreams everyone.

it's still our bloggiversary!

Some of you probably guessed this post was coming - my favorite 15 outfits of Anna's of the past baker's year (13 months, like a baker's dozen? hmmm....) 

I must say narrowing it down to 15 favorites was pretty tough because Anna wears so many great outfits.

Dearest blogging-buddy Anna and lovely readers of our blog, I love you! It was pretty fun to look back at our posts from the past year and I'm so glad some of you like them too:-)