Monday, August 16, 2010

and now, we wait.

I have 4 more thirty for thirty outfits to post before I can officially say I'm done, but I left my camera at my friends' house. Tragic timing, I must say. 

To hold you over while you excitedly await my last 4 photos, we can talk about the pants I'm going to wear this fall. (and winter, but I'm not thinking about that cold dreariness yet). Pants and I don't really get along in summer. I wear them on occasion, feel constricted and return to my favorite dresses and skirts. Then the nights start to get cool in August, so pants and I begin to make up. 

I walk to work and I know I will need to warm dress pants for those days when two pairs of tights are still thin and cold. Given that dry cleaning is environmentally bad, financially bad, and time management bad, I'm looking for a few options that are washable. Faithful old stores, Gap & Banana Republic have some great options: 



What do you all think? Dress pants seem so boring on their own, but we all know the power of accessories.

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  1. I think my favorites are the weekend chino from Banana, I love navy. But they all look great and very versatile. I only have one pair of nice "work" type pants, I should look into these too!