Monday, February 28, 2011

26: colorful sunday

My lovely friends visited me Saturday-Sunday and took my blog photos before Sunday brunch (caramel-apple bread pudding & coffee, delicious, thank you Armsby Abbey)

sweater pattern - most colorful grey

Generally, I like taking my own photos because I can take them whenever I want and try strange poses and be picky and anything else that maybe doesn't show my best side. It's fun to have friends direct my shots now and again and pretty things like the mirror picture happen!

Purple tank - H&M?
Scarf - Old Navy
Sweater - Delia's
Jeans - Faces (in Northampton, MA)
Clogs - Ariat (via Walking Company)
Belt - mom's closet

twenty seven: oops...(you know what comes next)

I did it again. I skipped taking pictures of my outfit. On day 26. So here's 27. (I still wore 30 for 30 things, so it still counts and man I just want to get back to my other clothes already!)

I find that I'm not a big accesorizer. For instance, I felt like I shouldn't wear any jewelry with this outfit because the hat was enough. And I rarely wear more than once piece of jewelry together, unless I'm being super fancy. I think this tendency has made the 30 for 30 challenge more difficult.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

25: trying something different

I stepped out of my comfort zone last night and wore this shirt with a different scarf and no purple. The outfit worked & I had a fun night. 

Notice how a bit of my hair is clipped back there? It won't stay that way. At all. I've tried a bunch of ways and each time my hair just slowly (actually pretty quickly) slides out of the clip/bobby pin. Might have to add "learn how to do interested things with short hair" to my to do list. 


Scarf - college vendor
Shirt - Talbot's
White tank top - Old Navy
Jeans - Grane (via Macy's)
Boots - Etienne Aiger (via Macy's)

twenty four/five: shorts story

I can't believe it took me until day 24 to wear my tweed shorts! I love them so. I always feel like a dickens character when I wear them. So when I wore them once (Thursday) I just had to wear them again (Friday). I'll probably wear them one more time next week, just for good measure. Don't want my shorts to feel neglected.

All of these pictures were taken in my parents newly re-painted, re-carpeted, re-furnished bedroom. It looks soooo pretty and SO much better than it did before, I thought it deserved a little love on the ol' blog. And I think tomorrow is going to be spent helping move all their stuff back in there...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

24: snow bunny at the office

I felt like I should go skiing or ice skating in this outfit with my new Smartwool tights and the glitter (on the neckline of my shirt). But I went to work. great story, right? 

The tights were super comfy and warm:-)

This was Thursday's outfit, yesterday I didn't get dressed. I worked from home, it rained all day, and I only left my apartment to do laundry and take the recycling out. I wore leggings and long sleeved tee and slippers all day. The night involved West Wing and Bones with my roommate, a phone call with my parents and going to be early. Yes, it was relaxing and great and I do  plan to get dressed today...

White tank - Old Navy
Grey skirt - Gap
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Tights - Smartwool
Shoes - Shoemania

Thursday, February 24, 2011

23: just my 23rd outfit

It's been a crazy week and I couldn't think of a title for this post. The crazy part of the week is over, especially because my boss decided we should work from home tomorrow because we worked so much already this week. It's great. 

It's been mostly good crazy - we've been working on some exciting things and I do like my job. 

Black tank top
Striped turtleneck - Target
Black pants - Express
Shoes - Aldo
Scarf - college vendor

twenty three: sunny days

The weather has been so pretty, but I spend all of my day inside at a computer. It's tragic. I am making a resolution to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Even if it's just for an hour.

I forgot to put my shoes back on before going outside to take these pictures. But they were grey flats, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

twenty-two: is my favorite number!

Ready for some more photoshop silliness? I never got to take a picture of yesterday's outfit, so I kind of did a mash up of other pictures to re-create it:

Looks pretty accurate don't you think?

Ok, it sucks. But it was fun!

22: bright colored soul

I had a bunch of meetings yesterday, but I wanted to be colorful too:

Tweed dress, purple scarf & argyle tights was just the thing to 
be appropriate and not look like everyone else at the meeting. 


Black tank - Old Navy
Black sweater - Target
Tights - Hue (via Nordstrom Rack)
Dress - Banana Republic
Shoes - Aldo
Scarf - DIY (bottom of a maxi dress)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

twenty-one: look what I can do!

I had my mom take my pictures last night so I didn't have to re-create yesterday's outfit today! She's the best. But then I didn't take outfit pictures today. Soooo, I'm back where I started.

Today at work I had training in InDesign, which is the best layout software ever, and I learned a cool trick that you can also do in Photoshop, with the pen tool.

For instance, here's me outside a restaurant in Florence, Italy!

And here's me with sky where my face should be!

And also my outfit, which I thought was kind of boring.

21: sweaters & songs on repeat

This sweater felt so perfect on Sunday, so I wore it again on Monday. With an not yet worn in the remix piece - this skirt. 

It was a casual day at the office, since many people took the day off. I was super productive in the morning and got to sneak away for lunch out with friends. 

I can't stop listening to these two (entirely different) songs:

Black tank- uknown, swapped
Grey sweater - Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - NYC Union Square Holiday Market
Skirt - Buffalo Exchange
Tights - Foot Traffic
Shoes - Aldo

Monday, February 21, 2011

20: not yet worn

Day 20 and I realized I had some unworn pieces, including this grey sweater:

I was feeling casual, cozy Sunday (it's been so windy & cold and I was up late Saturday), 
but I was meeting a friend for a craft fair, so I want a touch of artsy fun. 

What to know a secret about my scarf and the easy DIY ever? My scarf is actually the bottom of a maxi dress that was used in shortened version for a dance performance. I just couldn't let a good piece of circular fabric is such a fun, bright color go to waste!

Black tank top - unknown, swapped
Grey sweater - Nordstrom Rack
Earrings - League of NH Craftsman's Fair
Scarf - see above
Jeans - Grane (via Macy's)
Boots - Etienne Aiger (via Macy's)

Recap Number 2!

Ah, you guys, it's been 21 days! Wanna re-live the last 10 days? I know I do.

Once again, click the picture to see everything bigger.

Today was one of those days when I was inside from dawn til dusk, not a moment to spare to take a picture. I guess I'll have to re-create my outfit tomorrow? Sigh. The life of a blogger is so hard. (Only not really at all.)

19: going out & staying cozy

Saturday night was the kind of cold, windy night that makes you think twice before leaving the warm comfort of home. I pulled out my New England ability to ignore cold weather and had a delightful evening with live music and funny encounters at a local bar. 


Scarf - gift
White long sleeved sparkle shirt - Talbots (gift)
White tank top - Old Navy
Jeans - Faces (in Northampton)
Shoes - Aldo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

twenty: sunday substitution

In my last post I predicted that I would want to wear something not part of my list and have to replace my un-worn khaki pants. Today I found my favorite black Gap t-shirt, which had mysteriously gone missing until this day. And this is why I believe in fate. (Not really. I do. But not because of clothing-related miracles.)

Anyway, the weekend was mostly spent taking all the things out of my parents bedroom to prepare for it to be painted and re-carpeted. THEY HAVE LOTS OF STUFF! My arms are shaking slightly right now from tiredness. And that's why I look kind of like a shlumpy sue today. But I like it. I think I'm a fashionable shlumpy sue. Also you can tell I'm tired from my rambling. OK PICTURES.

Oh, and these pictures are special because my mom took them! Except for the one I obviously took.

18: fast photos

I took these photos really quickly so I could change from casual work day to Friday night dinner & ice skating. This outfit turned out great & just as I pictured it: 

My feet didn't make it into any of the outfit pictures, so I took a picture of my pretty toes in my favorite heels:

It's Sunday evening & that's really all I have to say...

Shirt - Victoria's Secret
Grey tank top - unknown
Jeans - Faces (Northampton)
Belt - gift from a gallery store
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - Modcloth