Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sweater vests and skirts

I posted once before about Uber Chic for Cheap before - Madeline just a posted my "reader request" with some much less expensive options of a few items from Banana Republic. It's great, you should all check it out! I particularly like:
(from Forever 21) I have been coveting long sweater vests with big buttons. This is not quite a vest but I really like the color options.
(from NETILZ on Etsy) This is just really pretty.
(from Arden B) I need some more interesting professional skirts for work, that help me look a little older as I look young-ish for my age. I'm learning just how hard it is to wear fun styles and look old...

I was in New York visiting my sister and family this weekend so an outfit post will be coming soon:-)


  1. Ooo...I love that skirk sooo much. Perfect pencil skirt with a some personality. Great choice.

  2. I love the black arden b. skirt. I love going to Target for my work clothes though. :)