Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fall colors, summer vest

I wanted to wear this jean vest which I would generally think of as a summer item - here's my fall approach: 

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day - just one of many days to remember that so many people are struggling to fight a disease that we don't yet have a cure for. As you all probably know, HIVS/AIDS is preventable and the symptoms can be treated. ACT AWARE and help ensure everyone is informed about prevention and has access to necessary medicine. (And on a lighter note, I'll be pull out the minimal amount of red in my closet for tomorrow's outfit). If you're in the Massachusetts area or just for fun, check out my organization's World AIDS Day banner

Monday, November 29, 2010


Every girl really does need a little black dress. Mine was found with lots of other good deals at a Macy's one-day sale with my mom and dad. It's great. I've been wearing it a lot. Really, more than you think. 

With purple tights and oxfords for work: 

O hey, yes those are new shoes and they're great, aren't they?

With lacey tights, a gold headband, and my sister before Dad's birthday dinner:

Goodnight all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

sleepy blogger

The other option for post title was "I took pictures, I'm posting them, what more do you want?" but that sounded a little mean. I'm not mean, but I am tired tired from a few delightful days in New York. This is what I wore to work a sometime last week, which turned out to be the week of the black pants and black skirt (and I'm not even doing 30 for 30 this round). 

And for your listening pleasure, I saw Complexions Contemporary Ballet dance to U2 and now my whole family will be on a U2 kick for a while: 

...not the best clip, but what I could find. The dance was amazing. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

pumpkin seeds and a funny picture

Just a quick quick post as I am really trying to blog again (and I'm not getting an A for effort yet...) but this week is very busy. Today and tomorrow are like pre-making up for taking the end of the week off to eat pie and cranberry sauce (and see my family and be in NYC and even a bit of turkey eating and giving thanks). 

This silly pictures is from a bit ago when my roommate and I met a friend at a bar that always has great music! The picture was clearly taken as we were runny out the door but I liked my outfit: 

And I just remembered the title of this post...I made pumpkin seeds and roasted pumpkin from a baking pumpkin tonight and I'm super excited to eat them! It was easy-peasy - cut pumpkin, remove seeds, place pumpkin pieces and seeds in oven. Yep that easy. For a bonus, I'm planning to drizzle maple syrup on the roasted pumpkin.

'night all, sweet dreams.

Friday, November 19, 2010

black as night

Usually I love New England. And I've been here for 22 years, so one might think I'd be used to it too. Maybe I just have a bad memory...every year, I am surprised by just how early it gets dark and how quickly I feel cold to my bones (all the way to my bones!). This year, I'm learning the hard way that after work blog pictures are really nothing to write home about. So instead I'll blog? Which my mom reads, so it's almost like writing home. 

Enough rambling, here are my poorly lit outfit photos: 

Happy weekend everyone! It's been a very busy week (but we served almost 2000 Thanksgiving food baskets) and I am o-so-ready for some weekend fun. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OK Alright

Hey there blogosphere, guess we've been taking an unintended break. I've been busy: the election and 3 very important ballot questions in MA; Guster concert, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, and Halloween in NYC with my sister; a couple events in Boston including seeing everyone from WomensTrust; and a month something like work work life work something-special work sleep-needed repeat. It's been great, really - the major highlight was seeing Guster with my sister, something we have wanted to do forever. 
I love Guster's new album, Easy Wonderful. You can hear it on the Whole Foods Blog here

I been so busy, I really haven't taken many outfit photos although I've been doing a decent bit of shopping to transition my last winter's college student wardrobe to this fall and winter's business casual work wardrobe. Here's a few photos from the past month, with a promise that I'll be photographing my new outfits and posting more soon!

I'm not doing this 30 for 30, because I'm just not sure I have the time to be blogging that much, but I'm excited to watch everyone else. So many bloggers are taking the challenge this round!