Monday, November 22, 2010

pumpkin seeds and a funny picture

Just a quick quick post as I am really trying to blog again (and I'm not getting an A for effort yet...) but this week is very busy. Today and tomorrow are like pre-making up for taking the end of the week off to eat pie and cranberry sauce (and see my family and be in NYC and even a bit of turkey eating and giving thanks). 

This silly pictures is from a bit ago when my roommate and I met a friend at a bar that always has great music! The picture was clearly taken as we were runny out the door but I liked my outfit: 

And I just remembered the title of this post...I made pumpkin seeds and roasted pumpkin from a baking pumpkin tonight and I'm super excited to eat them! It was easy-peasy - cut pumpkin, remove seeds, place pumpkin pieces and seeds in oven. Yep that easy. For a bonus, I'm planning to drizzle maple syrup on the roasted pumpkin.

'night all, sweet dreams.

1 comment:

  1. YUM!

    I am also trying to blog more, and getting a big fat F for effort. (But I got a cardigan from j.crew that I think needs to be shared.)

    I love your outfit and I continue to think those are the best shoes ever.