Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm lost

It's getting to that time of the semester when my head starts spinning. I'm the editor of the campus magazine, and it's getting to be time to get everything done before we all take off for the summer (oh yeah, and I graduate....) On top of that, professors are realizing we don't have much time left, so the work is piling on. Plus, I am getting more hours at work, which is nice, but leaves little free time.

So, what have been doing in that little free time? Nope, not blogging. Alas, I have been watching Lost. The first five seasons of the show are on Netflix Watch Instantly, and I am newly addicted. I'm almost done with the second season. I've got so much to go!

I also haven't been cleaning my room, as you can see:

With all my clothes on a chair like that, it's not easy to pick out an interesting outfit.

What might help are these lovely springy pieces from Forever21:

Ah well, excuses excuses. Hopefully I will clean my room and start dressing not like a bum again soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

versatility and layers

I've been thinking about writing a post about versatile, layered looks that can take you to many different things throughout the day for a while now and here it is:

During the day: breakfast with friends, comfy for schoolwork at home, water proof on my feet for a rainy day,  acceptable for work, cute enough for relaxing with friends in the evening. 

Underneath the layers is just basic black leggings and a white t-shirt - perfect for dance rehearsal. 

Later, an added apron for cupcake baking! (To be fair, I took the ivory sweater off for chocolate-frosting-making because I like my white sweaters to stay white without chocolate spots...)

So the key in versatile take-you-anywhere layering is to always wear basics underneath - leggings, plain colored tank tops, etc. The other semi-essential piece is to buy comfortable clothing that you really won't mind wearing all day. The skirt I'm wearing in these pictures is spandex, but it's layered and styled so it looks nice but is as comfortable as sweatpants. Spending the time, and sometimes money, to find nice clothes that are still comfortable is very very much worth it to me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

sisters and cities, theatre and spring

I visited my lovely sister in New York City for the beginning of my spring break (and saw my parents and other family too!).

a dark, but kind of fun mirror picture

ready to go out!

close-up on the Olive & A necklace (that I gave her for her birthday)

close-up on new shoes!

hotel rooms are funky places for picture taking

close-up on my pretty tights and new shoes

it ended up being a beautiful, sunny weekend and we found ourselves by the water:-)

This past weekend, sister came to visit me! I haven't uploaded pictures yet (homework first), but we saw Ingrid Michaelson on Thursday in Boston. She, and her whole band, are amazing and adorable. 

It's raining again, but I did not need a full coat outside!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring has sprung!

Spring is finally here! These pictures are actually from a couple weeks ago when it wasn't really spring but we had the first signs (We're way behind on posting pictures...)

Hope you all got to spend sometime in the sunshine!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sweater vests and braids

Remember last fall when I noticed a giant sweater vest sized hole in my closet? I am now the happy owner of two warm and wonderful sweater vests (thanks again mom).

close-up on the beautiful buttons

My smile is kind of funny in all of these pictures...sweater vests make you smile awkwardly?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a roman holiday

these pictures are a bit old as my job search starting taking even more time (in a good, hopeful way), the grant I was writing was due, and spring break all came around the same time. I have truly been working hard and playing hard. anyway, a couple of weeks ago our friend had a "Roman Holiday" themed birthday party. the idea was to be classy like Audrey Hepburn, but a few people took made flower headdresses to be "roman." 

birthday girl with beautiful flowers

the birthday girl's best friend:-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

a taste of spring

Ah, spring. Everyone is talking about you, eagerly awaiting you arrival. Breaking out lighter jackets, floral patterns, ballet flats. And I got the teensiest taste of you, what a lucky girl I am!

I spent the past week in north Texas, where, with the exception of a few thunderstorms, the weather was warm and sunny and springy perfection. I got a chance to wear flats and (OMG!) short sleeves! And I also happened to find the coolest mural, which matched my outfit, outside of Subway of all places. It might just have been fate.

And just for fun, here's my very helpful and patient photographer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I've always listed The Sartorialist as one of my favorite blogs, but I've had a resurgence of love for it recently. As a photographer, I really admire the portraiture. It's not just good style being documented, the photography is a style on its own. These three portraits from the past few weeks are inspiring me as a photographer more than anything else.

Ok, this last picture is also a hair color inspiration. It is perfect.

(On that note, I will continue to dress like a slob and watch a lot of TV because it is spring break! On Monday I'll snazz it up and make someone take my picture in Dallas!)

sun shining through the window

It is officially spring break and the sun is actually shining in my window! I'm in NYC visiting my family and Anna is in Texas visiting someone special so posts will probably be a little delayed. Here's some slightly old outfit pics:

I really liked this outfit, but I don't love the pictures...

...and I love these pictures, but this outfit was only so-so. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

grandma sweater

I have this great white crop cardigan with gold woven in it that I bought for almost nothing at a thrift store. My boyfriend says it looks looks like my grandmother's, which I take a compliment whether he means it that way or not... 
The first pictures are actually of the same outfit I wore for the 2010 hours party, except earlier in the day with the sweater and a scarf and an umbrella, since it was gross outside. 

my rain boots and my favorite umbrella clash sort of horribly, but its one of those instances when I don't care - any extra color on a gray, rainy day is always good. 

this is what I wore to welcome accepted and scholarship-receiving prospective Clarkies on Saturday:

I am one short response paper and two classes away from spring break and I could not be more excited!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

something i want

Just stumbled across these cute, cheap tanks from Old Navy:

Embroidered Lace Cut-Out Tanks, $14.50 and they come in 4 other great colors! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

scarlet fever

Thursday night began Clark's graduation celebration with the "2010 Hours Until Graduation" party. The theme was Scarlet Fever (scarlet and white are Clark's colors).

Wouldn't it be great if there were always colored streamers and brick walls whenever we wanted to take outfit pictures? A girl can dream...

The end of this week and spring break marks the halfway point of the semester...we are getting so close!