Wednesday, March 3, 2010

grandma sweater

I have this great white crop cardigan with gold woven in it that I bought for almost nothing at a thrift store. My boyfriend says it looks looks like my grandmother's, which I take a compliment whether he means it that way or not... 
The first pictures are actually of the same outfit I wore for the 2010 hours party, except earlier in the day with the sweater and a scarf and an umbrella, since it was gross outside. 

my rain boots and my favorite umbrella clash sort of horribly, but its one of those instances when I don't care - any extra color on a gray, rainy day is always good. 

this is what I wore to welcome accepted and scholarship-receiving prospective Clarkies on Saturday:

I am one short response paper and two classes away from spring break and I could not be more excited!

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  1. your face is the cutest thing in the world! I want to write a children's book about it.