Monday, March 22, 2010

sisters and cities, theatre and spring

I visited my lovely sister in New York City for the beginning of my spring break (and saw my parents and other family too!).

a dark, but kind of fun mirror picture

ready to go out!

close-up on the Olive & A necklace (that I gave her for her birthday)

close-up on new shoes!

hotel rooms are funky places for picture taking

close-up on my pretty tights and new shoes

it ended up being a beautiful, sunny weekend and we found ourselves by the water:-)

This past weekend, sister came to visit me! I haven't uploaded pictures yet (homework first), but we saw Ingrid Michaelson on Thursday in Boston. She, and her whole band, are amazing and adorable. 

It's raining again, but I did not need a full coat outside!

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  1. Love these pictures of you and Nadia ---- beautiful!