Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend wear

I find that I put so much thought and effort into what I wear to work that on the weekend I just wear the same few things over and over again. And I wear the same pieces all weekend. Lately, my weekend pieces have been this skirt and top, plus floral maxi skirt, nude tank, jeans and as-of-yet-unblogged stripey tank.

Although, I must say that the minute I stepped outside I thought, "It's too hot for this shirt." And then I thought, "Oh, well, I'm wearing it anyway."

And then I answered a text and it was caught on camera and my hair looked nice! And this is what I look like about 40%-50% of the time anyway. Always on my iPhone.

Here's some skirt detail. It's pretty! My mom brought this home for me from the Gap one day. I love getting unexpected gifts. And expected ones. And sales at the Gap.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

bits from last week (and the week before)

(from the Friday before last, doctor's appointment day which led to Starbucks and movie by myself afternoon, quite nice.)

(pink toenails!)

(only good picture I got of this outfit, darn rain)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

dull and sticky

Isn't the faded and fuzzy effect on my pictures cool? Yeah, it's because it's so humid out that my lens kept fogging up and I had to wipe it off between every picture. The jacket is necessary for my very air conditioned office, but after being outside in it for 10 minutes, the lining literally stuck to my skin. You guys, it's humid here. I do not like it.

But I DO like that I just got a new job! I've been hired as Public Affairs Associate by Planned Parenthood of South Florida! It's so very exciting. Not only do I get to leave my stinky current job that I hate, I get to go do something meaningful and important with a group of people I really like. It's kind of a win win win win situation. Full of win! See goofy jumping picture below for a graphical expression of my excitement.

(Oh, I also DO like this new jacket and shirt, both on sale, from H&M and Anthro respectively. A little congrats gift to myself, teehee!)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pretty girly

Anything in which I feel remotely like a ballerina, I like. This outfit is one of those things. Sometimes I get nervous that maybe if I dress too girly, people at work won't take me seriously. But I then remind myself that I don't care. And that I am good at my job so they will take me seriously because of that, right?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

always falling behind

Once again I'm falling behind on blogging! These pictures are from Monday. And now it's Saturday night. Where did the week go? Oh yeah, it went to work and physical therapy for my stupid knee and going to the hospital because my boyfriend had to get his appendix out. (If you remember, my cousin had hers out not long ago and I was her hospital-buddy too. If you're having your appendix out let me know, I'm good at keeping people company! Or maybe I'm the cause...)

Oh, yeah, so, outfit. Not much to say about it except I like it. I have been wearing lots of light neutrals (nude, grey, white) and blue together lately. All my favorite work outfits right now fit that color scheme. I think I might need to branch out and get some skirts that are neither blue nor black, I don't seem to have any that are work-appropriate.

(P.S. I just realized I really am always falling behind, our two year blog-iversary was almost 2 weeks ago! I'm so proud of Sasha and myself for sticking with this even though we are so far form each other now. I can't believe 2 years ago we were about to start our last year of college and now we are both "adults" with jobs and everything. Time flies!)

Friday, July 29, 2011

pajamas for work

I got these fun, super-comfy pants in Spain. They feel like wearing pajamas to work (except the shoes, of course), but they look great! Kind of make me think of something Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk would wear. 

pink toes!

These photos are actually from the courtyard of my old apartment a few weeks ago - I moved this week! I'm sad to see my old roommate leave Worcester, but she's headed back to Colorado for exciting law school adventures. I'm around the corner with two of my favorite ladies and our lovable cat Max. (Kitty photos to come, no doubt.) 

Who's going to the swap in Boston tomorrow? I'm super excited for my first swap finally!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Guess where I went this weekend! Give up? I know it's a tough one....Ok, I'll tell you. I went to Key West (where the Ernest Hemingway Home is, of course!)

I know the whole country is having a heat wave right now, but I'm pretty sure Key West is always that hot. I don't think I was ever sweat-free, not even in the pool or the shower or the hotel room with the air conditioner and fan all the way up.

But, I did have a really great time hanging out with my boyfriend while he scouted and did preliminary shooting for a documentary he's working on (and looking at cute cats at the Hemingway Home!) He's working on a movie tentatively called "Papa" about the Hemingway look-alike contest that happens in Key West every year. It's pretty cool and hilarious.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

before the heat wave

These are from a beautiful summer work day before this ridiculous heat wave. The sort of day that makes me love my walk to work and take every excuse to run outside mid-day. 

I have just 2 thing to say about this heat: my New England body does not know how to handle it. I didn't realize how much sweat I can produce in such a short period of time.

I really like this outfit! Simple, easy and so fun with my Ghana jacket (thanks Mom, the seamstress). 

Pretty toes!

I'm lounging in my living room with a wonderful group of friends for the morning after of my roommate's birthday/going away party. Last night included grilling, laughing, cake & pie, so much beer (that I didn't drink any of...way to hot for me to drink anything without ice), and walking to two of our favorite bars. This morning so far has been iced tea & west wing. Soon we're relocating to a diner for brunch. We'll miss you Sam! Law school is lucky to have you!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

until the very end

This is what I wore to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my mom today. It seems to rain every time I go to the movies with my mom lately (ok, it rains almost every day in the summer) and I seem to always get caught in the rain with a long skirt! But I don't mind, I get to lift it up and feel like a princess.

After the movie we popped into Old Navy so I could get a white skirt, which my mom insisted I have to wear in Key West next weekend. I never argue with shopping! And I think it will be a good thing to have, it's SO HOT in the Keys in the summer.

Point being, I took these pictures in the fitting room at Old Navy because it was raining and was getting dark anyway, so no nice outside pictures today.

By the way, today was my second time seeing HPDHpt2. I went to the midnight showing Thursday night and wore a more theme appropriate outfit. (Needless to say, I am a Harry Potter Nut!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

day outfit, night outfit

There are not the best ever outfit photos, but I really liked both outfits:

Perfect for a summer Friday at work

Outfit for a casual benefit concert for YouthGrow - 
a local program to get kids involved in gardening and environmental things

I'm off to New York City for a long weekend with my little sister and visiting a good friend. Plans include everything from The Russian Tea Room (thanks to restaurant week) to a Brooklyn Cyclone baseball game. Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

black, white & gold

Here's a story about me and Marshall's. I went there once to return something and meandered over to the purses, where I found a gorgeous leather tote bag with a long gold chain handle. It cost $200 and I bought it. About an hour later I realized I was crazy for spending that much on something when I had just bought new tires (ugh) and am trying to save money. So I went back to Marshall's to return the bag and meandered into the dress department, where I found this dress. It cost $19.99 and I bought it. And I'm keeping it.

I felt kind of French and kind of chic in this outfit, although I also felt kind of scandalous wearing an over-the-knee skirt to work. In a place where 90% of the women wear black pants every day, I like standing out. And knees? They stand out. (Actually, I don't know if anyone even cared, by in my mind I pretended they thought, "oh she's so young so she can wear such a short skirt and it's OK.")

Sidenote, this is one of my favorite necklaces of all time. Got in at H&M in London 2 years ago and I feel like it's kind of Harry Potter-ish. Speaking of Harry Potter, I'm going to the midnight showing of the FINAL movie on Thursday, oh my gosh!

Monday, July 11, 2011

all my red, white & blue

I did 4th of July weekend this year, with all of the festivities and red, white and blue everything. 

watermelon mojitos to kick off the weekend

outfit 1: 
red and white necklace
white lace crop top
blue and white striped tank
jean bermuda shorts
red canvas shoes

veggie burgers for dinner with appropriately dressed friends

blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream to bring to the fireworks

on the way to Worcester's fireworks

yay! freedom! independence! fire! 

I'm from NH where fireworks are legal, so we usually set off our own. My dad does quite a good fireworks show, but it was fun to see the city show with everyone else. I haven't done city/town sponsored fireworks in a while. 

post-fireworks smiles

outfit 2:
red and white necklace
blue shirt
cut-off jean shorts
(can't remember what shoes I was wearing)

Annie's Clark Brunch (a favorite of most Clarkies and Worcester-ites)


outfit 3 (which you can't really see):
black bikini and black cotton dress cover-up
red cut-off tee
nautical red tote (same one that Anna has here)
blue beach towel

more lovely times with friends

outfit 4:
blue dress
white belt
blue beaded necklace
natural/bronze flip flops
red tote bag

There was so much excitement, fun, and sun, and so little sleep that I actually went to Boston for dinner on Monday and left before the fireworks. A good long sleep seemed so much more appealing. 

A delightful weekend! Thanks to our founding fathers for the excuse to celebrate :-)