Sunday, July 24, 2011

before the heat wave

These are from a beautiful summer work day before this ridiculous heat wave. The sort of day that makes me love my walk to work and take every excuse to run outside mid-day. 

I have just 2 thing to say about this heat: my New England body does not know how to handle it. I didn't realize how much sweat I can produce in such a short period of time.

I really like this outfit! Simple, easy and so fun with my Ghana jacket (thanks Mom, the seamstress). 

Pretty toes!

I'm lounging in my living room with a wonderful group of friends for the morning after of my roommate's birthday/going away party. Last night included grilling, laughing, cake & pie, so much beer (that I didn't drink any of...way to hot for me to drink anything without ice), and walking to two of our favorite bars. This morning so far has been iced tea & west wing. Soon we're relocating to a diner for brunch. We'll miss you Sam! Law school is lucky to have you!

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