Monday, July 11, 2011

all my red, white & blue

I did 4th of July weekend this year, with all of the festivities and red, white and blue everything. 

watermelon mojitos to kick off the weekend

outfit 1: 
red and white necklace
white lace crop top
blue and white striped tank
jean bermuda shorts
red canvas shoes

veggie burgers for dinner with appropriately dressed friends

blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream to bring to the fireworks

on the way to Worcester's fireworks

yay! freedom! independence! fire! 

I'm from NH where fireworks are legal, so we usually set off our own. My dad does quite a good fireworks show, but it was fun to see the city show with everyone else. I haven't done city/town sponsored fireworks in a while. 

post-fireworks smiles

outfit 2:
red and white necklace
blue shirt
cut-off jean shorts
(can't remember what shoes I was wearing)

Annie's Clark Brunch (a favorite of most Clarkies and Worcester-ites)


outfit 3 (which you can't really see):
black bikini and black cotton dress cover-up
red cut-off tee
nautical red tote (same one that Anna has here)
blue beach towel

more lovely times with friends

outfit 4:
blue dress
white belt
blue beaded necklace
natural/bronze flip flops
red tote bag

There was so much excitement, fun, and sun, and so little sleep that I actually went to Boston for dinner on Monday and left before the fireworks. A good long sleep seemed so much more appealing. 

A delightful weekend! Thanks to our founding fathers for the excuse to celebrate :-)

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  1. I love that you had 4 themed outfits for ONE weekend! That's commitment <3