Monday, July 25, 2011


Guess where I went this weekend! Give up? I know it's a tough one....Ok, I'll tell you. I went to Key West (where the Ernest Hemingway Home is, of course!)

I know the whole country is having a heat wave right now, but I'm pretty sure Key West is always that hot. I don't think I was ever sweat-free, not even in the pool or the shower or the hotel room with the air conditioner and fan all the way up.

But, I did have a really great time hanging out with my boyfriend while he scouted and did preliminary shooting for a documentary he's working on (and looking at cute cats at the Hemingway Home!) He's working on a movie tentatively called "Papa" about the Hemingway look-alike contest that happens in Key West every year. It's pretty cool and hilarious.

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