Monday, July 4, 2011

rock, flag & eagle!

Happy Independence Day! The United States of America is 235 years old! Well kind of...we weren't really independent until the British surrendered in 1781, right? And then the Constitution didn't even go into effect for another 7 or so years...but hooray for independence and patriotism nonetheless, right?

It seems that I don't have very much red to wear, so I had to rely on my glasses and bag to get in the holiday spirit, clothing-wise. Thanks to our friend Pia, Sasha and I both have these awesome nautical red totes! For some reason nautical and patriotic go together. If only I had a sailboat, the look would be complete.

Most of my day off has been spent watching the HBO John Adams miniseries and doing stuff around the house, but there might be some fireworks in my future if it doesn't rain too much.

I think this clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia pretty much sums up America, don't you?

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