Sunday, August 30, 2009


So Sasha decided to make a bit of a wishlist, which has sparked some crazy online shopping on my part. I'm not actually going to buy any of the following things, but I really wish I could.

First, shoes: I strongly desire very tall riding boots. I lived with a girl who rode and had the most amazing tall boots that she wore to actually ride horses. I don't plan on riding horses, but I want want to look like I do. (And these flats are really cute.)


Dresses: I always want to buy more dresses, even though they are rarely appropriate for my life. Here are some dresses I covet, all of which very in their levels of inappropriateness. Most inappropriate, and my favorite, is the strapless black and white one. I also wish I could go to a dog show and wear that dog face print dress.



Outerwear: I LOVE OUTERWEAR. I grew up in South Florida, so before I moved to New England for college, I had 2 coats ever in my life. As a result, I'm now obsessed with outerwear of all kinds. I am having fever dreams about blazers right now, and this floral one is slowly killing me. The sweater is something I would wear everyday. And the cape? I would never wear it, I could not really afford it, but it is so gorgeous and Edwardian, I cannot resist it.




Friday, August 28, 2009

lazy bloggin'

it has been a very very busy week with the last week of summer work and preparation for fall classes, clubs, and work, and a couple of late nights with lovely people. i have lots of pictures to upload, but i am now at home in the woods where the internet is slooooow. instead, here are some wishes from some of my favorite shops:

bright and colorful and even affordable from Anthropologie

so beautiful, also Anthropologie

i actually have tall winter boots about this color that i love, but these are still fabulous. (Anthropologie again)

hat! clearly i dreamed the Anthropologie website landed in my closet.
and a cute t-shirt from Delia's for those early morning lazy days

enjoy! i'm getting really excited for fall fashion, so more wishful thinking to come:)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

grey lady and stripes ahoy!

Sasha got this grey shirt, which has made appearances on here before, at Old Navy some time in July, and has put it to such great use throughout the rest of the summer! We often discuss how great shirts like this are. They're made of t-shirt material, so they're super comfy, but they have something extra and interesting to them! They're really easy to dress up or down, and that's an great quality to have in one of your favorite tops.

Sasha also got some new glasses (for FREE!) when she bought her new contacts. Aren't they cute?

As for me, my love of stripes has been coming out to show its face a lot lately. Example one: I've been pining over the American Aparell Le Sac dress for what seems like forever, and I finally broke down and got one. In the store, I pushed past all the solid colors and beelined straight to this rainbow striped number. It was calling out my name! I can't wait to wear it all the different ways.

Example two is another outfit from the week, comprised of my (favorite ever) dress from Topshop that I got while in London for a semester, paired with my striped purple cardigan, and my gladiators, which striped my feet. This whole ensemble got me very excited, and I can't wait to re-work it in the fall with some tights and a scarf and my purple boots.

In conclusion, I just saw Julie and Julia so: BON APETIT!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sweet disposition

First of all, Sasha and I are so very pleased and excited to receive our first blog comments! Thanks to you lovely commenters, we love all your blogs so much, and the comments definitely made our day, even week!!!

Now, to get to business. 500 Days of Summer. WOW.

This is one of those movies that really sticks with me, that makes me consider things in my life differently, and that makes me want to try new clothing styles. For instance, Zooey Deschanel's pants! I covet ever pair of wide-legged high waisted pants she wore, and I only dream of pulling them off like that.

But beyond the gorgeous and amazing Zooey, the movie as a whole was beyond what I expected. I didn't expect to fall so madly in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt, for one thing. I left the movie unable to stop thinking about him, especially his dance number to Hall and Oats!

One final bit of love for this movie is the soundtrack. It so typical to love the soundtrack of an indie movie, but it fits the film so well. And I love the use of full songs; it's like the movie is made up of many music videos that all make a story. I love Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette for the same reason.

Overall, 500 Days is both a style and life inspiration for me!

working for the weekend

Yet another summer work week passed, and we have more outfits to show for it. The admissions office is getting busier and busier as we have more college preview days and the weather is getting hotter and more humid each day. Needless to say, shorts and skirts have been a necessity. And despite her love for them, Anna definitely made the wrong choice of shoes when she wore her floral Doc Marten's this week. Sweaty feet are not stylish. Stay tuned for more flowey, summery things! Hopefully this heat breaks soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

on top of a mountain

this past weekend we went to new hampshire with sasha's boyfriend, nick, to visit sasha's family. we went to the league of new hampshire craftsmen's fair (one of sasha's annual summer highlights) and took the chair lift to the top of mt.sunapee because anna had never been on one. here are the beautiful mountain top pictures:

sasha's sister and bestest best friend, nadia.

back in worcester, day one of our work week:

no photos from today because it was one of those horrible days at work that does not deserve documenting. we saw 500 days of summer tonight, with adorable zooey deschanel and joseph gorden-levitt. post to come!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

photos of the week

it's been hot and pretty and sunny all week. this is what we've been wearing:

we both started weardrobes: sashassparkle and annaface. we're spending the weekend at my home in new hampshire with my boyfriend, visiting my lovely family and the league of NH craftsmen's fair, which is one of my summer highlights. pretty pictures will of course be taken.

happy almost weekend everyone!