Friday, August 28, 2009

lazy bloggin'

it has been a very very busy week with the last week of summer work and preparation for fall classes, clubs, and work, and a couple of late nights with lovely people. i have lots of pictures to upload, but i am now at home in the woods where the internet is slooooow. instead, here are some wishes from some of my favorite shops:

bright and colorful and even affordable from Anthropologie

so beautiful, also Anthropologie

i actually have tall winter boots about this color that i love, but these are still fabulous. (Anthropologie again)

hat! clearly i dreamed the Anthropologie website landed in my closet.
and a cute t-shirt from Delia's for those early morning lazy days

enjoy! i'm getting really excited for fall fashion, so more wishful thinking to come:)


  1. I wish the Anthropologie website would land in my closet too!

  2. O man great idea, I have been looking for some good graphic t's I never thought to check out delias.