Saturday, August 22, 2009

grey lady and stripes ahoy!

Sasha got this grey shirt, which has made appearances on here before, at Old Navy some time in July, and has put it to such great use throughout the rest of the summer! We often discuss how great shirts like this are. They're made of t-shirt material, so they're super comfy, but they have something extra and interesting to them! They're really easy to dress up or down, and that's an great quality to have in one of your favorite tops.

Sasha also got some new glasses (for FREE!) when she bought her new contacts. Aren't they cute?

As for me, my love of stripes has been coming out to show its face a lot lately. Example one: I've been pining over the American Aparell Le Sac dress for what seems like forever, and I finally broke down and got one. In the store, I pushed past all the solid colors and beelined straight to this rainbow striped number. It was calling out my name! I can't wait to wear it all the different ways.

Example two is another outfit from the week, comprised of my (favorite ever) dress from Topshop that I got while in London for a semester, paired with my striped purple cardigan, and my gladiators, which striped my feet. This whole ensemble got me very excited, and I can't wait to re-work it in the fall with some tights and a scarf and my purple boots.

In conclusion, I just saw Julie and Julia so: BON APETIT!

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  1. i absolutely adore that skirt with the grey top, sasha! and anna, i applaud you going bold with those stripes, love the last pic so much!