Sunday, February 20, 2011

twenty: sunday substitution

In my last post I predicted that I would want to wear something not part of my list and have to replace my un-worn khaki pants. Today I found my favorite black Gap t-shirt, which had mysteriously gone missing until this day. And this is why I believe in fate. (Not really. I do. But not because of clothing-related miracles.)

Anyway, the weekend was mostly spent taking all the things out of my parents bedroom to prepare for it to be painted and re-carpeted. THEY HAVE LOTS OF STUFF! My arms are shaking slightly right now from tiredness. And that's why I look kind of like a shlumpy sue today. But I like it. I think I'm a fashionable shlumpy sue. Also you can tell I'm tired from my rambling. OK PICTURES.

Oh, and these pictures are special because my mom took them! Except for the one I obviously took.

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