Sunday, February 6, 2011

5: clogs and a cardigan saturday

So...getting ready for the Superbowl or getting ready for Glee? I didn't even know how long the Superbowl was until today, and only learned because I need to know when Glee starts :-) 

Here's what I wore yesterday, for a community event and relaxing with friends:
If it looks a bit familiar, it's the same pants, shirt and scarf worn here



Layers (it's finally a bit warmer this weekend!):
white tank top - Old Navy
shirt - Talbots
caridgan - unknown (via mom's closet)
jeans - Grane (via Macy's)
clogs -Ariat (via Walking Company)
purple knee socks (not seen in the picks but specifically worn in case they were seen) - Gold Toe

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