Friday, February 4, 2011

three/four: 2 days 2 ways

Ok, post numero dos from Panera!

I didn't have time yesterday to take outfit pictures (had lunch at work and then drove straight to Miami after work to see Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!) so I decided to put on yesterday's outfit, take pictures, and then re-style the shirt it for a casual day off.



Everything was going great until my earring fell off...and into the pool.

I tried to rescue it, but I couldn't get a good grip with the pool cleaner thingy! So I might have to dive in tomorrow and see how much damage the chlorine has done....

Oh, and if you're thinking "Hey, it's not the weekend yet! Why aren't you at work?" it's because I have a 4-day work week. Which means working 10 hours Monday-Thursday and then having Friday-Sunday off. It's great in theory, but 10-hours sitting at a desk is no fun.

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