Thursday, February 17, 2011

16: familiar colors

I like this outfit, which is shocking (read: not at all shocking) considering it's black, grey, blue, and made of lots of comfortable pieces. I wasn't sure I could pull of the knee socks and skirt look, but I got a few compliments, so you'll be seeing this again. 

Matching necklace and earrings!

Black long sleeved tee - Gap
Grey tank top - Old Navy
Grey skirt - Gap
Blue belt - mom's closet
Black sweater tights - Foot Traffic
Grey socks - Hubert's
Black oxfords - Navid o Nadia

PS - I posted my fitness goal on Blue Collar Catwalk for Sweaty Wednesday and I'm doing especially well this week! Ice skating Saturday and Sunday, pilates Monday-Thursday (yes, 4 days!), run on Wednesday, and more ice skating planned for tomorrow. I even starting using 8 pound weights in pilates (started with 3 pounds in July, moved to 5 pounds, now 8). 

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