Thursday, August 12, 2010


About a year ago, I was starting my last year of college, and I wore the beginning-of-fall-in-New-England version of this outfit (as seen in Sasha's retrospective of the past year). I had actually forgotten about the outfit, and when I saw the picture again I wanted to re-create it, summer in Florida style! Lighter-weight shirt and gladiators, no tights or scarf, and it's perfect for the heat.

I don't really have much purpose for this bag at the moment, it's so huge and I used it for supplies for my art classes last year. I want to use it a lot, but I generally feel silly carrying a really large bag with just my wallet and cellphone in it. But it'll be used (worry not, Mom).

Speaking of mom (hi!) she helped my dye my hair again the other day, and I used a slightly different shade than usual, but I like it even more. Yay!


  1. that is the best lip color!
    does it have a wonderful name?

  2. it's called electric! which doesn't make any sense, except that I feel more fiery when I wear it maybe...

  3. I think I'll put that outfit in my favorites for next year too:-)

  4. You look so beautiful in these photos! And I love your hair.