Monday, August 16, 2010

thoughts on size

I got this skirt at Forever 21 the other day, because I needed a new skirt (my favorite one of all time is on it's death bed, I'm trying not to mourn too much). I didn't realize at first, while I was shopping, that I was in fact in the "Faith 21" department, which is Forever 21's plus size line. I kind of knew something was up when it looked like most of the stuff there would fit me/was kinda too big for me.

I don't consider myself to be a "plus size" girl, though I guess Forever 21 does. I am and always have been on the L/XL side of the size scale, and my weight fluctuates (when I feel like going to the gym and when I don't). I have always struggled to find pants that fit me well, because my body type isn't the norm (aka, I have no butt or waist) but I feel like that would be a problem regardless of my size. What I'm trying to say is that I've never really had to shop at specialty plus size stores. Most of my favorite items are from Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Target.

HOWEVER, there are some stores that I really can't shop at, as a "full figured" person. Forever 21 has some great flowy tops and elastic waisted skirts that I've been able to get away with, but anything fitted or zippered is out of the question. But I guess that's changed now, with the creation of Faith 21. I'm kind of excited about it, because I really like me some cheap and trendy clothes. But on the other hand, I hate that they have to design a whole different line for "plus size" girls. I want the stuff that's all over the store, not the specially-made-to-flatter-a-fat-person looks from Faith 21. And I hate that the line is separated into a special section in the store, because, as much as I shouldn't be, I'm embarrassed to be one of two people in that section who can't shop in the "normal" part of the store.

I guess my point is that I really appreciate Forever 21's effort to accommodate more customers, but I wish they could just produce all their clothes in bigger sizes. I hate that I have to go off to a segregated part of the store and pick from a smaller selection just because I don't fit into the constraints of what Forever 21 thinks is a normal size. I consider myself to be pretty normal, and it's tough on my (already struggling) self-esteem to be sectioned off and labeled as "plus size." It's only a plus size because they say so, and they really don't have to.

Despite all this, I'll probably continue to shop Faith 21. Because, unlike most other trendy stores, they're at least making cute clothes in my size, no matter the label they put on it.


  1. i have never come across this section of 21, so weird. nonetheless, i really like your new skirt; it is super cute!

  2. I completely agree with this. I like that F21 is accomidating more sizes but seperating it and calling a special "plus sized" line is not all that great. I have the same problems finding clothes sometimes but I do not consider myself "plus sized" just different.
    In other news, that skirt is very cute!

  3. humph. Foreveer 21's sizing is off in general, as is many stores. Off as in runs "small," runs "large," is generally unrealistic of the way people are built and the variety of sizes, etc. But plus sizing doesn't make sense and separates a group of people that don't need to be separated. There is no reason that Forever 21 and other stores couldn't extend the size range of their normal clothing.

    I do really like that skirt and it looks great on you, so I'm glad you didn't let the sizing get to you!

  4. im really annoyed about faith 21...not because of all the good reasons you listed...but because it isn't actually in most of the forever 21 stores so i'd have to shop faith21 online...and me being weird and what i like to call "in between sizes" right makes it nearly impossible to shop without trying stuff on!!

    also i've always hated that forever 21 can have an xs but doesn't have xl! uhh...not cool. also the john 3:16 on the bottom of the bags freaks me out.