Friday, September 25, 2009

Bright Colors of Ghana

My lovely friend Kassie showed me this post which made me o so happy. I've spent the last few years interning and working on and off, as school allows, with a great little microlending organization WomensTrust. I went to Ghana a bit more than an year ago and loved it. Among other things, the clothing is amazing - beauitful fabrics sewn into gorgeous outfits. Inspired by the post, I look through my pictures from Ghana and found a few to share:

These women are carrying their children as is tradition in Ghana with a beautiful wrapped fabric. I particulary love the green and blue on the left.

There were quite a few twins in the village and they all wore matching outfits!

This is the program director and my wonderful host while I was in Ghana - she's modeling a brand new outfit.

And this little girl was by far one of my favorites and loved to dress up and be the center of attention.