Monday, September 7, 2009

fashionable friends

we have been busy busy bees lately with the beginning of the school year - classes, club organizing (Anna is the editor-in-chief of Clark's life, culture, and style magazine and Sasha is a co-coordinator of a community service group and Clark's Amnesty International), and seeing all of our lovely friends who were not in Worcester for the summer. lots of our lovely friends are in the pictures:

the first days of school have been beautiful and sunny and I favorite cheap outfit - cut off thrift jeans, thrifted shirt and cheap Charlotte Russe necklace.

our friend Anna is one of the most well dressed people we know

another friend Anna (it's apparently a popular name at Clark) found this beautiful dress in her closet and wore it with a beautiful feather headband

this weekend we went to a delicious Italian restaurant in Boston to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday. Sasha is here with our lovely friend Pia

Anna, beautiful and cute as always

and a close up on the feather headband that the other Anna was wearing above

at Anna and her roomies housewarming

and, finally, our friend Julian who is not overly stylish but really wanted to be in the blog and wore a shirt with some sparkle in the design

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