Friday, July 23, 2010

beach bum

I'm the bum in this situation just so we're clear. Sasha is the non-bum is who doing AWESOME with Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge.

And the reason for being a bum (beyond my normal life) is that my dad went to a conference at a resort on Marco Island, and I got to tag along!

This was my general beach/pool uniform:

Marco Island is off the west coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, and despite people's fears, there was no oil whatsoever on the beach. However, there is a tropical depression coming through, which we were lucky enough to miss by driving home today.

Here's what I wore to dinner on our two tropical nights. Notice my fishtail braid, I thought it was appropriate for eating the fish my dad and co. caught on Wednesday morning. It was delicious!

And, yes it was really hot out, but I'm a girl who can't resist a cardigan. Plus, I had to cover up the wonky sun burn I got from trying to put sunscreen on my own back. Lesson learned.