Sunday, July 18, 2010

30 for 30: my choices

3 dresses:
flowered shirt dress - random shop in Boston 4 years ago
gray-blue island dress - Caribbean vacation many years ago, originally mom's
blue dress - Old Navy

5 skirts:
Nantucket red skirt - new-found great shop on Nantucket (my exception to the no shopping rule)
blue tulip skirt - Urban Outfitters
green flowered skirt - Delia's
khaki skirt - Gap? or Banana Republic
basic black skirt - Banana Republic

9 shirts:
yellow tank - thirfted
black v-neck "fancy" tee - Target
white button up tank - shop behind a cafe in Anguilla
green button up sleeveless - mom's closet
blue button up sleeves - shop behind a cafe in Anguilla
white v-neck tee - Hanes
gray and white lacey striped tank - Target
turquoise button up - Banana Republic
gray and white v-neck "fancy" tee - Target

7 belts:
yellow scarf - Old Navy
black belt with jeweled buckle - gallery shop
braided belt - Talbot's?
blue tie belt - Old Navy (came with the dress above)
flowered belt - Old Navy? or Gap?
ivory belt - Gap (not pictured)
skinny brown belt - mom's closet (not pictured

3 shoes:
gray flats - Charlotte Russe
black flats - random store in NYC
flowered peep toes - thrifted

gray skinny jeans - Old Navy
favorite comfy jeans - thrifted
purple tank top - can't remember, for layering

Outfit pictures coming soon! (Since I took quite a few during the old computer-camera fight haha). 


  1. I have to say, if I were you I would count that blue belt as part of the dress and add another pair of shoes, heehee. I can't wait to see your outfits!

    Also, if I remember correctly that flowered belt is from that one time we randomly went into Claire's...

  2. o, yes, the belt is from Claire's!

    I realized as I was typing the list that I probably could count the blue belt as part of the dress, so maybe I'll add one more item as I see what I "need."

  3. Great items, looking forward to seeing te remixes. Im a challenger too!

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