Monday, December 6, 2010

the magic of scarf-blankets

I have a little (really short) story for you all: last year when I was waiting at rehearsal for my dance group, I was wrapped in a pashmina to be warm and cozy (necessary at late night rehearsals) and someone said, jealously, "you look so cozy, I'm going to bring a blanket tomorrow." 

I had unintentionally realized the power of the pashmina-scarf-blanket-best-garmet-ever!

The scarf in these pictures is almost to thick to be a scarf and o-so warm and toasty. It's the most acceptable way to go to work in cold weather and feel like you put work clothes on and got back into bed instead of going to the office. 

close-up on the pretty weave and belt:

Time for real bed!

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