Friday, April 15, 2011

gloomy days

Hi everyone, I have red(er) hair and red glasses now. It's so satisfying, I can't even explain. When life gets me down, I like to change things up a bit, and this is very much working to help pull me back up.

So has anyone else noticed that all the best street style blogs (The Sartorialist, FaceHunter, etc.) have been featuring a LOT of gorgeous ladies in long flowy skirts lately? Well, I noticed. And I also noticed that they look great. And I also noticed that I have the perfect skirt to achieve that look, which I have had since I was 14. 14! That's almost 10 years. Never again will I listen to people (my mom) who tell me I should get rid of clothes. I must save everything!

I decided the aesthetic of this look is "hippie goth." It embodies my spirit of wanting to help people while also hating most of humanity. It works, right? Although it should probably be "hippie goth nerd" with the glasses, and since it's me, a perpetual and proud nerd.

Do you like my clogs? I've had them since January, but haven't worn them yet, because of my general fear of being taller than everyone in my family. Which I already am. So I'm just going to say screw it and wear them. They are SO comfortable and make me feel funky.

Now a questions about Blogger? How can I get my pictures to be bigger?!?! I know it's possible, I've seen it done. But I can't figure out how to do it. Please help?


  1. You look like the super cool heroine of a book I would have read when I was 13 and desperately wanted to be.

    Oops sorry that is the worst sentence in the world, but do you know what I mean?

    Also, hippie-goth-nerd! aha, best.

    To make bigger pictures you have to edit your html! Ah scary! When you click the "edit html" tab (as opposed to the "compose" tab) you will see your photo transformed into lots of nonsense text; squint your eyes at the text until you find the height and width, and simply double the numbers. For example, you might see something like this -- width: 400px; height: 289px -- and so you would make it 800px and 578px. THEN, look a little further and you will see "s400"; double that too, to make it s800!

    And that should work!

    Oh but wait, I think that might just be the cheap easy way, and maybe the photo quality goes down a bit? There's probably a better way that I don't know about. But try!

  2. Look Kassie I did it!! Thank you!

    And I think that's the best compliment ever, probably. Who doesn't want to be an awesome book heroine? I do.

  3. I love that your hair and your glasses match that amazing skirt! Such a stylish lady.