Sunday, April 3, 2011

in a hurry

Hi blog world! How I've missed you! The past week has been pretty crazy, with exhausting work days and forcing myself to go to the gym. And then my cousins are their two little daughters arrived, with all their belongings, to become Florida residents! I'm so happy about that, but it's made life so hectic. Watching two kids is HARD. Remind me that if I ever say I want any.

Anyway, I've had no time to even read blogs, let alone post to my own, but I managed to get my mom to snap some phone pics in a parking lot while we were rushing from one place to another:

My new favorite look! Flowy Free People top (all time fave) over shorts, with a light sweatshirt and knee socks. It's my way of saying "hey seasons, I love you all!" Also, I just threw random stuff on and then ended up really liking it so wore it all weekend....