Monday, February 15, 2010

recipe for warmth: etsy and l.l.bean

I thought a few tips on how to stay warm and stylish(ish) in the cold cold winter weather were due after Anna and I both posted about Hel Looks.

First, two coat options from New England's trusted L.L.Bean:

long ultrawarm coat and three quarter ultrawarm coat - not exactly my favorite looks, but very much acceptable forms of staying warm.

I generally prefer to go with peacoats and am usually warm enough in my Delia's coat with thinsulate:

Neckwarmers from Etsy (just search neckwarmers and you'll find a plethora of pretty options):

And something that absolutely must keep you warm:


  1. i finally have a cowl, but now i want a bigger one! that black one is amazing!!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks so much for including my black cowl neck warmer in your blog! It means alot to me :)
    And yes, they are totally warm!
    aka queen heron