Wednesday, February 17, 2010

way of life: scarves and belts

Has anyone noticed that I pretty much always wear a scarf? Even in the summer I wear scarves, so once winter comes and they're necessary, I just can't leave my neck bare! Here's a few outfits, with scarves, that I wore recently:

I wore this to dinner, Vagina Monologues and two birthday parties - busy but fun night. 

It's possible that I went overboard with the border here...never the less, I wore this to a 9am class and received a few compliments on being put together in the morning. 

Vintage belt, feather headband, favorite new jeans, favorite heels, smile, smile, smile!

And a close-up on the belt. 

Btw, I went to the career fair this morning and one of the recruiters loved my blazer. Plus, I have a few jobs to apply for probably:-)

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