Sunday, September 19, 2010

the mysterious case of the missing pants

Well, dear blogging community, I have some sad news. The jeans shown below, yes those nicely dark perfect fit skinnies, seem to be missing. I obviously wore them recently but when I tried to pull them out of my closet yesterday, they were no where to be seen. 

There is good news: the scarf and skirt (likely not replaceable if lost) are in tact and in my closet. In fact, I wore the scarf today. The jeans, though loved, can likely be replaced for $20 or $30 at Macy's. $24.99 to be exact. 

Still, I am sad. 

In better news, I had a delightful fall weekend including the Big E, stART on the Street, and apple picking!


  1. Love the top! But so very strange about the jeans, where could they have gone?! That's definitely happened to me with some items though. I'm still sad about the mysterious disappearance of my favorite shirt in 4th grade.

  2. Oh I hate when things like that happen and you misplace something. That is too bad you can't find these jeans. I really like the rest of the look though, so maybe you can just replace the jeans and still keep the look.

  3. I really love that shirt! It is so sparkly!