Thursday, September 2, 2010

shades of neutral?

I swear there is some color in this outfit - a little pink and a little green in the shirt and a tinge of pink in the shoes. A lot of gray, but we all know how much I (and every other blogger, or at least the ones I read) love gray lately. 

So this is my new skirt from Gap and I was super-duper pleased with this outfit! Comfy all day, felt pretty, lots of compliments kind of outfit. 


O, yeah, and this is when my house starting tilting as I was taking my blog photos. 
Ok, not really, this is when I got a little silly:-p

PS - I cut my hair today! Pictures to come, of course. 


  1. that top is to die for! where did you get it??

  2. in fact, the top came from Sarah Beth during a Variant clothing swap last spring!