Thursday, January 6, 2011

let's run away...

O hey there, I seem to have taken another longer than intended blogging break. 

I don't really know if I've mentioned my work much, but among other tasks, I helped to distribute over 750 holiday gifts to the children in our programs. It was very much worth it, but took all of my time the week before Christmas. In case you were wondering, 3-10 year olds are the easiest to find presents for. I have no idea what is age appropriate for a 2 year old, and we all know how picky we were as teenagers. 

Post-gift distribution, I ran away to lovely, snowy, winter wonderland New Hampshire/home to spend a week with parents and sister. (Don't be too jealous, I worked from home). Lots of ice skating and little cross country skiing and no blogging... My house is basically in the woods, it wouldn't be right to blog from there. right?

Anyway, here's an outfit from a just before the holidays: 

In pretty big news, for me, I cut my hair. a lot. shorter than it's been possibly ever (I'm a long hair girl). So take a good look in the new few posts and then it will be short hair Sasha! Or just look back at old posts if you so need too...

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