Monday, January 31, 2011

how to get great clothes for cheap (one approach)

Step 1: Have a great mom, who likes to shop. Shop her closet when she tires of certain great items. My navy blue super soft sweater is a good example. 
Step 2: Go to NYC. Buy unreasonably cheap pashminas from street vendors. 
Step 3: Go to Ghana. Buy incredibly cheap, beautiful, batiked fabric. Ask mom to sew, sew it yourself, or have a tailor sew a literally one-of-a-kind skirt suit for you. 
Step 4: Thrift. 

Alright, the trips to NYC and Ghana add a bit of expense. But that can go in your travel budget, not your clothes budget. 

I brought back a wonderful selection of fabric from Ghana last winter. As a perfect graduation present, my mom worked with a seamstress to make me a skirt suit from one of the fabrics, which I've been loving and wanting a pair of navy blue shoes for. A recent thrift trip turned up these wonderful finds for just $8.98 total!

And that's my final outfit post before 30 for 30. Look for my items tomorrow. 

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