Thursday, March 3, 2011

28, 29, 30: the bittersweet return of choices

Alright the title was a little dramatic. but I'm done!

I actually wore an extra outfit on Tuesday night hanging out with friends (I went pilates after work so I had to change anyway) because I was so ready to be back to my full closet. This 30 for 30 was necessarily hard, and I could have made more outfits out of my items, but I was getting bored. There really wasn't a lot of color or variety in outfit options, and maybe I just don't remix as well in the winter. I was way more ready to be done this time than during summer 30 for 30 (my last).

Anyway, the last 3 outfits:

I really liked this outfit. 

This was one of those outfit that I expected to look a lot better than it did, 
but it was a work morning which means once I'm dressed, I'm dressed. 

Whew! Ironically, I had a tough time deciding what to wear this morning. So many choices and I kind of wanted to have some great post-30-for-30 outfit. I didn't, but I thanks to a pretty shawl scarf it all worked out:-)

Good luck to everyone still remixing! I'm heading home for a weekend of Winter fun (because it is still very much winter in New England) and relaxing with my parents and a taking a break from outfit photos. 

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