Thursday, March 24, 2011

winter layers & spring flowers

A few weeks ago it was cold (actually, it was cold again today...) and I wore this cute layered outfit:

Then I went to the Smith College Spring Bulb Show. It was beautiful and warm and really got me in the mood for spring (as If I wasn't already ready for spring).

Did you all see the Ann Taylor LOFT Sale on the Sale that Madeline posted about? I wasn't thrilled with the selection, but it's 50% off everything on sale and there are good deals to be had. I ordered this cute lacey shirt in 2 colors, and spent less including shipping than the original price of one shirt :-)

With those, the skinny black cropped pants I bought with the Gap sale this past weekend and the skirt I'm going to sew this weekend, I'll be ready for my vacation in two weeks. And I am so counting the days. Spain with my parents to see my sister and enjoy warm weather yesssss!

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  1. I love your boots! And you look so chic and professional.